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All Posts > Food - Victoria > Must-Try Mille Crepe Cakes: Yates Coffee Bar
Must-Try Mille Crepe Cakes: Yates Coffee Bar
Update on Jan 29 2020

The co-founder of Yates Coffee Bar (originally 9 Cakes), Blair, started her dessert business after graduate from UVic education department. Previously, Blair had two years of experience in the operation of a dessert shop before the store opened. Friends around her praised her products. About two years ago, Blair met Lili who has the same hobbies-making cakes. As soon as the two hit it off, they decided to open a handmade cake shop to bring a little bit of food to Victoria's friends.

In June 2018, they selected the coffee shop on Yate Street and took over the store. At the beginning, they didn't know much about coffee knowledge, but in order to realize the dream of "Chinese-style handmade cake + Western coffee", the two took 3 months to get started quickly.

When we asked Blair, “what did you rely on to keep the guests loyal?”. The Blair said that they still insist on making cakes on their own every day in order to strictly control the quality of sweetness. She also joked that she and Lili might be the few bosses who also make cakes themselves. When it comes to customer support, Blair was also very excited to share various positive customer feedback with us.

When it comes to their star products, mille crepe cake is well deserved. Blair told us that they must be Victoria's first shop selling mille crepe cakes. There are 25-30 crepe crusts for each cake, and each crust is hand-made, extremely thin and soft. The owner said that the mille crepe cake must be refrigerated for 4 hours to ensure that the crust and cream are blended in balance.

In addition to the original flavour, Yates Coffee Bar has other flavours of mille crepe cakes: durian, matcha, chocolate, mango and strawberry. It is recommended that you order in advance with Tutti, otherwise it is likely that your favorite tastes have been sold out fast that day.